Saturday, March 03, 2007

10 Years' Warranty? No Brainer....

It's Saturday where I am and it's March. Much of the world is rolling down to the agony of winter on the beach and, further south, 24 hours of dark. Those of us north of the equator are starting to get a bit 'opeful that Spring/primavera/printemps might be coming soon. And if that lovely rollicking season is near at hand, what can that mean chez moi?

That the dod-gasted bloddy furnace has decided that if the bathrooms can get ronavated (yes, I know that's not how it's spelled but Canadians will understand) with new sub-floor heating, it is no longer required! ARRRRGGGG and likewise dammit!!!

Yesterday, I finally decided that sleeping in 5 minute blocks while wondering if the heat provider will actually click back on after running for only 2 minutes, is not, in this new life, "an option". Checked the file for the last visit from the furnace guy. It was March, 2001. Hmmmmm, I seem to recall being told then that "this was only a temporary fix".

I called the service guy. I cleaned up the bathroom he would have to walk through to get to the furnace. I took off my toque and the blanket I had draped fetchingly about myself and straightened my fleeceovertheAransweaterovertheturtleneckoverthelongsleevedtoverthe you get the picture attire and opened the front door to "Rob" (according to his shirt and business card). He said "wow, it's cold in here!", put house slippers on over his boots and clumped downstairs. First off, of course, he rehung all the stuff I had taken off the furnace (doors, filter), then turned it on and, thank the Holy, it did what it had been doing for the past several days: ran 2 minutes of fan time, cut out, waited 3-5 minutes and cut in again.

Aside: Don't you just hate it when stuff runs perfectly for the repairperson? This furnace definitely was not paying attention to the fact that "Rob" was a different person squatting in front of it holding a flashlight in his mouth. Dumbum furnace: I can't hold a flashlight in my mouth without gagging.

So the choices were: Door #1: ~$800.00 work to fix a 25 year old furnace which would then work but still be a 25 year old furnace. Furnaces are not like Chanel suits or Rolls Royces: they do not increase in value with age.
Door #2: ~$3000.00 for a new installed furnace with "A Ten-Year Warranty"

No Brainer

The installing crew comes on Friday. "Rob" fixed the fan to run constantly until then. If it quits, he will come back and "make it work".

I slept 'til 0900.

And woke up to 5 cm of new snow on the deck

but no coyote prints.

Still breathing


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