Sunday, April 15, 2007

make Godde laugh again...

You are Pretty Funny.

You knew I wasn't too fussy (read: "really uncomfortable with") the acknowledgement of what I do that was going to come down in church this morning. It doesn't fit with me and my understanding of call; I don't think it fit with Himself's and he would have had to be part of it had he "been there".

I went anyway and sat in Himself's chair and did what I was there for.

Everybody else got acknowledged.

And it was good.

What I do didn't get acknowledged!

We got forgot!!!

I was a bit bemused - being all set up to be uncomfortable and feeling noticed, y'know.

And then I smiled.

And now, I'm laughing.

As Mr. Vonnegut said: So it goes.

Still breathing.


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