Thursday, July 06, 2006

33 years, 15 days....

When I started this blogging adventure, it was because The Sr Boy et moi were going on separate journeys at the same time. He was riding a Moto Guzzi with another friend from London to the pyramids through Europe, Tunisia, Libya to Egypt and back through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Greece, and the rest of Europe. I was hanging out in France-Italy-Switzerland-France. We were to meet either at LHW or YVR at the end of an almost three month separation. As things worked/played out, we met a week early - the day after my b'day and had a week in England getting used to being together again. As usual, there were a few re-connect bumps but generally a good time was had by both of us despite the differences of our journeys. It was the longest we had been apart since we had met.

We had been together for almost 33 years. He had arrived, tanned and blue-eyed, at a baseball game on a motorcycle. A week and a half ago, he left, tanned and blue-eyed, 33 years and 15 days later, gone from complications of a motorcycle accident.

We are going to be apart far longer than last fall's adventure

and there is no option of re-connect, no option of cutting and pasting his adventures into this writing, no more, no more.....


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