Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

What is there to say? We (The Jr Boy) and I are back from the hospital and I am drinking a beer for dinner. (TY dear Coleen for the Barley Soup designation - any port in a storm) TJB is keeping those of you for whom we have emails connected on the electronic string and I am having a small ramble at the moment.

There are several of you out there whose words I read on a regular basis and those words are keeping me going right now: the words of your particular everydayness. Mine has changed almost beyond recognition except to those of you who have had a sudden shattering of the ordinary. For the first time, I understand Saul of Tarsus but not in a good way.

The Sr Boy is seriously injured and we are living that reality. I am finding the necessity of order driving small, focused tidying - the sun room table, the sink counter - b/c everything else is so disordered. At some point, I will have to get with the financial program but not for a few days. TR and I start the day with multiple phone calls (do we need another line?), head to the hospital for rounds, take a break between 1300h and either 1500h or 2000h (depends on my sleep the night before) and go back to say good night to my sleeping darling. And come home to more phone calls. Knitting happens in small random moments.

I am tired. TR is exceptional.

Pray for healing of my darling's brain.


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