Saturday, March 25, 2006

Not a knitting blog

This is not a knitting blog (go and look at the two on the sidebar if you want that kind of entertainment) but I have been knitting a lot of socks recently. And I spent the Knitting Olympics figuring out what I could do about the swearer (I mean sweater) I started for Himself on the wrong size needles in the round with a pattern for flat pieces and a knitted in button band not the knitted ON one I thought I would try. It's figured out but I'm still not knitting on it. Spring is coming and Spring is not for heavy cardigans.

Spring is for socks. Silly socks. Socks made of yarn that makes amazing patterns all by itselfs if one simply keeps knitting aroundandaroundandaround. So far: 4 pairs and I'm not bored yet. When boredom strikes, I guess there will be socks with plain yarn and patterns in the knitting.

If I ever figure out how to put links in this I will put in one for the easiest sock pattern in the world (except there is a bit of swatching and some math but only at the beginning of new yarn. If one is smart and uses the same yarn all the time, one only need make one swatch - no duh, eh?)

And, despite the earlier disclaimer, I have also figured out what happened to The Junior Boy's Aran sweater which I knit two years ago and which somehow ended up large enough for him and a few friends. Yes, I used the same size needles as his sister's, and yes, I used the same number of stitches as the pattern called for (I was making up my own but basing it on her sweater chart) but NO I didn't use the same weight of yarn. Nor did I swatch. Sonofagun if using heavier yarn doesn't make for a bigger sweater!! Most knitters of any persuasion would have figured it out before making the wholedamn thing but I was knitting in secret and have an appallingly bad sense of size (being of the miniscule variety who thinks she is really about 5'9" would be a clue...)so I kept knitting thinking at least he would have room to grow. He could grow into the next province (Alberta and unlikely given the politics) and that sweater would still be too big. Soooooooo... now I KNOW what I did, the question is To fix? (as in total frogpond and re-knit - pause for running out and lying down in the traffic such as it is on our quiet street - could lie there for a week without coming to serious harm so maybe not...) or Take back and put in the Christmas box for WonderNephews thereby getting WonderAunt points and make The Junior his very own in front of him this time so I can bloddywell measure??? Hmm.... I know which way I'm sort of leaning. Thoughts????


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