Friday, December 09, 2005


ok, it's been two weeks and I should be over this Adventuring, right? Well, like anything good, I don't want to let go. I keep wondering about what's going on where I have been and checking the weather sites. On October 30th, I was hiking in Switzerland in a t-shirt and light cotton trousers. By November 30th, it had blizzarded. I guess the ChrissyDecs will look more in place with snow and the hot chocolate (and apfel strudel mit cinnamon whipped schlage) will be burned off by the wind chill.

And it was raining in Venice. I'm trying to imagine dealing with water above as well as water below. Do they "do" bumbershoots and "how" in those narrow streetways?

How long do the chestnut men sell chestnuts along the boulevard to the (dreaded) Louvre? And, yes, one bag of roasted chestnuts will make an adequate meal especially if one eats only the completely roasted ones and feeds the others to the ratswithwings.

Who is walking up the 200+ stairs out of Monterosso today? Is it sunny?

And, because it's almost Christmas, what is different in the markets and the bakeries?

There are several things different around here. I am still getting used to them.


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