Monday, September 12, 2005


as in "Leonardo da" is a real village and today we walked there through the woods and (by the misfortune of too much chat - ? what, me?? - and not enough attention) down and up a lot of road. It was a lovely day although some of us have sore feet (pick me, pick me) and some of us got overtired.

The town is built along a ridge like Vitolini so the houses cling to the edge and have gardens 4 stories down. We ate lunch at a bar (sandwiches of various sorts all round) and then walked up to the Museum and gaped at models built using the drawings from Leonardo's notebooks: spinning wheels, loom, felting machines, gold-leaf maker, as well as many war-machines (cannons and a tank!) and a whole display on his optical drawings. Getting my head around these drawings being well over 500 years old was my biggest challenge b-c the models look very contemporary. Fortunately, gelato seemed to be just what was needed to ease the mind: limono e limata. Fantastico!

Rescued by our host with the van and, at home, by our hostess with a bucket of waaaanderful foot soak. The Gentlemen Motorists left on the bike&sidecar for town and The Ladies are getting the rest of dinner ready. Me? I had a lovely sit in the golden light at the end of the day and now I'm off to try and light some charcoal!!!



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