Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's four in the morning...

again... Either this is becoming a habit or my body trying to pre-set to European time. Which would be useful if I didn't have to get through a few more days on this side of the pond.

We didn't get burned out, we didn't even get evacuated. We did get one more evidence of DD's competence as everything was packed and RTG by the time we got off The Island (another 4 in the morning) and home. She'd gone to work after about 3 hours' sleep. We walked down to gawp at the helicopters landing and taking off from the school field and wished for some little kids and their excitement about such doings up so close. And in the night, blessed, torrential rain and a temperature drop of at least 10 degrees.

Odd chap at Albanian Tire - firefighter's tee-shirt and the smell of something like booze rather than smoke (fire retardant?) but he knew all about the fire and had a full running soto voce commentary about it from the time he pulled into the checkout behind me until I walked away with my bags of Useful Stuff (mag lights, 4l 5/30W Castrol, Fram filter, camping towel that absorbs hewwwwmungous amts of h20) He was getting a part on warranty for a broken pump for "the guys on the line who might not need it so much now the rain's come but best to be ready..."

Tomorrow (later today) it's train pass and clothes sort. Think I might have to hit either 2nd Tyme or VV for a riding jacket as the usual one is so not going to fit into either the wardrobe plans or the suitcase.....


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