Saturday, September 10, 2005

In ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!

I am here and have been since Monday! Was obviously supposed to make this trip because I still haven't had any jetlag and I don't intend to get it now.

This house is on a ridge of a hill to the north of the Arno but facing south over the Arno plain. The view is everything I ever imagined the most beautiful view in Italy to be: a long vista with a red-tiled roof village partway down the hill and folds of hills in the distance with a towered hill village at the edge. Geckos are everywhere; as quick as snakes but much nicer as they have legs and are therefore not slithery!! The weather has been typical for the season: sun and rain including a torrential downpour yesterday morning while one of the adults was at work in Firenze (came home with tales of lots of wet tourists slopping about in their shorts - hmmm, could have been us but it wasn't ;)))) and one on Thursday evening whilst the Sr Boy was riding from Genova to here in the pitch dark. He got here but one pannier didn't and there will needs also to be some welding repairs on the footpeg before we can travel together. Our generous hosts (thought they were only going to have to put up with us for a couple of days) are not yet obviously gritting their teeth which is very polite of them!!

There are three young ladies in this household and they are delightful. All are fluently bilingual and we don't go anywhere (even to the computer) without one of them as translator!! I have been doing some "organization" tutoring prior to their school starting next week.

Plans at the moment are to be out of their hair by Tuesday at the latest and TSB is considering riding me to Nice as we have extra room for my case now the pannier is gone!! We are less than ten minutes' drive from the village of Vinci (da Leonardo) and will go there for sure. We have hopes of Lucca and Pisa as well but that may be all for this trip although San Gimignano and Sien are also really close and good riding roads........ Meanwhile it's Chianti for less than 3 Euros, FABULOUS food from the household giardino, olive trees that turn silver in the rain, "buon giorno" from everyone, and tracks and tracks to walk upon.



Blogger -Tim said...

sounds tough mum!
But Did you get six feet from a 13 Meter Humpback and her calf today? NO! but I did..... ;)

1:26 a.m.  
Blogger julia said...

thanks for the glimpse hon. It's raining here today, but the bread is fresh and fragrant out of the oven and crabapples are dripping tart pink juice. Have fun.

11:24 a.m.  

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