Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yikes! (Normal Size Font)

Three weeks to plane day and the beginning of LGA. Today's word is: Yikes!!!! But note: that is Yikes! in Normal Size Font, not Huge, not even Large - this must mean something. Possibly, I am getting organized.

Passport? Yes. Plane tickets? Yes. First few nights' accomm? Yes. Transportation in Europe arranged? Ummm.......... Well, it's like this: Eurail or point to point? And I guess that best be the next 72 hours' decision, don'tcha think? Not to mention the Great Footwear Question.

Most recent delicious moment? Calling my cousin in Zurich y'day and having her answer whilst on a hot-air balloon ride! Me, I don't even have the technology chops for call-forwarding to the neighbour. Today (on a land-line), she graciously said, "Of course you may stay and I will take time off work to take you places and Monday is laundry day" (Laundry is a semi-big issue when travelling with minimal duds). She also said, "A week in Venice???" It didn't seem long enough to me but what do I know?

Anyone else out there wanting a house guest for a few days?? Speak up quickly.

Oh, and there is an email about the Senior Boy's Adventure: it may be going in the opposite direction of all the original planning! Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.


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