Thursday, August 25, 2005

Best of Friends

And why do women make the best friends? They send you stuff like out of print magazines with much desired articles (thanks, Jo) and they spend hours sorting out what they will do to cover your backside while you are away (thanks, Madeleine) and they make 'green with envy' noises which make you think you are brave even when you aren't (thanks, Carol) and they say, "What a great idea! May I join you?" (thanks, Elizabeth, thanks, Gill) and they say, "When women do the planning, these things don't happen." (thanks, Shameen) and they make you laugh and make you make lists and then ask if peppermint foot cream is on said list (thanks, darling daughter)

I know you all have been turning blue holding your breath, wondering "What will she do???" The short answer is: nothing. I am not changing my plans. Tomorrow we (fingers crossed) pick up The Sr Boy's new passport and carry on as if these last two weeks have been a small hiccup... hiccough for you Brits. Of course, he still has no visas for his adventure but this is Not About Him. I may be having a grand solo time in Italy but I know how to order 'un vino rosso, per favore' so I will be fine.

Yesterday I did what I didn't do months ago: went out and bought a bagload of travel books which I am taking away this weekend to (a) decimate, (b) post-it-notify, and (c) highlight. Actually, I am ahead of the game on this b/c I am usually doing things like that on the plane to wherever I am going. And, hey! I still have a week. The ladies at the book store asked if I was going on a trip (no, I usually buy this many travel books for Europe and donate them to the library). "Yes," I said. "Oh, when are you going?" "Next weekend," I said. They gaped at me and I dared them to say one more word. Wisely, they didn't. I figure if there isn't a short story with that as the opening dialogue, someone is missing a great opportunity!

Still don't have the clothes thing worked out - looks like a "spread it all out and put most of it away." Because I am going for so long, there is weather to consider as in: November in Zurich and Paris. Sounds wet and cold, n'est-ce pas? And I start in sandals and spf 30. maybe I could organize a clothing mail drop? Hmmmm.....

It's an early and long day tomorrow heading south to deal with a traffic ticket in the EweEssofEh, back to Canada for the passport before government office closing time and eventually finishing up on The Island. I think it's time to practice a little packing.


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