Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rules for Old Farts and Others...

This post is dedicated to my dear Shannon-in-Brazil who will understand why as soon as she reads it!!

We are staying in a hostel. There are three of us and our average age is 62.25 years. We like to go to bed at 2300 and we like to sleep until about 0730 or so. Here are the rules for us:

Do not expect to be able to sleep after going to bed.
Do not expect to be able to sleep during the night.
Expect to be able to get up (no matter how tired) with something resembling a smile when the workers start running the tile cutters at 0815 because we are NOT (a) still drunk or (b) hung over.
Learn some really annoying songs (Trailer for Sale or Rent comes to mind) to sing LOUDLY in the shower which adjoins the next door bedroom.
Encourage the plasterer in the hall to "mais certainement" turn up his radio. A lot!!

Here are the rules for the others:

Drink yourself silly b/c after all there's no one here to tell on you to mamma and daddy.
Crash upstairs (after unloading part of your ?dinner? in the only common telephone area) and take 17 tries to get your key in the door of the room next to ours.
Begin barfing a la Niagara at 0218.
Repeat at 0233.
Whine loudly.
Repeat with moaning at 0300.
Send girlfriend out to complain to plasterer at 0825.

Having a waaaaaanderful time. Wish you were here!

And HEY!!! despite one lovely bottle of wine with fabulous pate, roasted peppers, olives and a salade mache followed by tartes petites varieuses, we aren't drunk and WE aren't hungover!!!!!!!

Maniacal laughter!!!!!


Blogger -Tim said...

ah the joys of staying in a hostel... you do know that the y in YHA stands for youth, right???

2:07 a.m.  

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