Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Villa St Exupery

I am sitting at another wonderful i/n cafe: behind me but reflected in the computer screen is a full stained glass window for the chapel of this former Carmelite monastery. I am typing on rainbow colours! We have met Travelling Companion #2, the Most Excellent Elizabeth, had my first "true" salade nicoise (nobody told me about the anchovies... teach me to do this instead of reading cookbooks) and are planning some further adventures today in greater Nice on the bus. This is b/c the hostel guy said, (essentially) "do not take your moto into the town as the organized crime guys come along with closed vans, chain clippers and kaboom! your bike is gone!" So it's the bus for us. Lots of good there as they worry about the parking !!!

The run from Volterra was beautiful - more high ridge with twists and turns, NO RAIN, (this is b/c I have purchased the ultimate anti-rain device: a hot pink brollie to go with my DD's purple and pink goretex and my new purple leather gloves. hmmmmm, do we detect a theme here???) Anyway, some pay motorway including an exit with no humans and the challenge, therefore, of how to pay for a m/c instead of the car that the machinery assumes you are. Fortunately, no unmanned site in Italia is ever without its obligatory human somewhere and there were two eating lunch who waved magic wands and off we went down the most spectacular twisty road to THE SEA!!. Now, for those of you who know me, you know about my saltwater thing which is mainly mixed up with the Pacific Ocean and, although I have seen the Mediterranean from the air and from walkways ("no, mum, you can't go down there and wade b/c it's only men down there" DD, Lebanon, 2002), I wasn't prepared for the rhythm of the waves nor the tropicality of the blue. Nor the warmth. Yes, I got down to my skivs (which was more than most of the people on the beach were wearing) and waded. And then sunbathed. How can I find a purple (or hot pink) bikini at this time of year???

Now, my darlings, I know I promised you Florence but I think I will save it 'til I go back in a few weeks with another TC. In the meantime, I am off to eat breakfast in the light of those fantastic windows. Stay tuned for a rant on The Rules for Foreigners by yrs truly. I have to think about something on the back of the bike!!

Au revoir

Oh: note to the Wonderful Julie: your scarf is having a grand time. It really liked Volterra (so much so that it hid the key for our room in my pocket and only revealed that a day and 200km later) and said to tell you that they have a HUGE medieval fair there in the summertime and it thought you might like to start saving your glass and pop tin earnings.....


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