Sunday, August 07, 2005

Four weeks to lift-off

The Senior Boy leaves in (slightly less than) four weeks. He celebrates by taking off for Utah for two weeks on two wheels with two other two-wheeled buddies.
I leave four weeks today. I celebrate by trying to avoid meltage by sitting in the turned-off but not drained hot-tub (now officially a cool-tub) and practicing siestas during the heat of the day (any time between 1100h and 1700h). And pondering Venice. And dithering about methods of transport - railpass or point-to-point?
Coming up, it's a dear friend visiting for a few days which means food, wine, laughter and sorting out shoes and clothes for one (very small) carry-on bag for one (smallish) person.
And right now, it's iced latte - not true Italian but close enough for Sunday morning prior to room sortage for friend...
Ride safely...


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