Sunday, August 01, 2010

Getting through

It's full-on summer here: currently 29 in the house at 2100h, all doors and windows open until the sun gets on them then snapped shut (no A/C for me), sleeping in the basement (and dealing with 2 flights of stairs for a toilet - another post), hand-watering the basket garden, sweating.

And smoke-filled air.

There are over 350 wildfires burning in my province, a thunderstorm went through this afternoon so there will be more by tomorrow morning. The "flup, flup, flup" of local helicopters coming and going sets my teeth on edge. I have three boxes packed but the bikes are still in the basement and there are several things I really need to gather into one place just in case. A general de-junking would make that easier but it has to be done by noon as afternoons are for napping.

Food is boring. Club soda is my new best friend. I can't figure out how to make a double decrease that doesn't have a sloppy-looking stitch in it.

I keep hearing motorcycles that aren't the right one.

How's your summer going?

Still breathing


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Oh honey. Fires...! Thank heavens for firefighters. I wish I could invite you right on over for a morning of cool San Francisco area fog and a cup of hot (you'd actually want it to be!) cocoa.

11:48 a.m.  

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