Wednesday, June 01, 2011


In two months, The Jr Girl will be wed which means that this house will have been turned upsidedown, another new deck built (so the future in-laws don't end up suing me after falling through the old one), all the wooden garden furniture stained, all the pots planted, the driveway raked, AND the shambles that is The Former Front Lawn will either be de-shambled or have become a campground/trailer park (don't tell The Jr Girl about the latter possibility) for various itinerant (hopefully not indigent) guests.

In two months, the whole shebang will be (more or less) done and I will be sitting outside with an XXL G&T reflecting on being a mother-in-law. Or maybe simply laughing over the various inevitable "challenges" that a wedding creates.

The local crow may join me with a few comments on the event but there won't be any cedar waxwings.

They were today - flying like they call - in larrups - and settling and lifting and settling and lifting. They pass through, markers of the late spring shift from winter to summer and warners of imminent snow in the late fall. There was new snow last week on the hills - I hope they aren't confused about which way they are going.

Lots to do.

Still breathing.


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