Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yard Work

There are consequences to building a new deck to replace the Walk of Terror. The grass disappeared under the wheels of bobcats, contractors' trucks, and a supposed load of topsoil fetchingly deposited like a mini-Mt Fuji smack in the middle of the former front lawn. Further, although the load of gravel which the bobcat guy did an awesome job of spreading about on the driveway looked really good, it was too bad about the slope on it. All the water from the past week's rain accumulated into a large pond - migrating geese were circling and preparing to land on it - on the former front lawn. And the bricks along the top of The Great Wall of No Inheritance for The Juniors were placed so that they faced outward towards the gully which made sense when the wall was done but not once the new deck was built - I do not want to look at the backside of textured block when I am walking up to the new deck.

These consequences have had some attention: Mt Fuji is diminished significantly and would have been completely but I ran out of daylight; the front yard is quite a bit more level; and the six 55 pound (holy smoke! I knew they were heavy but I had to look that up to see how heavy) bricks are turned.

I'm just a little tired. A little tired and wishing I had filled and turned on the hot tub.

Still breathing


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