Monday, September 27, 2010

Shop Vacs Rule

So because The Jr Boy got An Amazing Job in The Wicked City, relocation was required. He's been "relocated" (living at NFA - thanks be for friends with couches) since the end of August but relocation doesn't mean dealing with The Stuff. This weekend was Stuff Dealing.

I'd thought I was going to escape most of it, having a seminar and all, but the leader of the seminar had some immigration issues and, by the time I got back from the local farmers' market + additional errands, TJB was almost in town and it was Game On at the flat formerly known as his. Here are some things I learned:

1. Feed The Jr Boy. First and then at regular intervals. The Sr Boy was the same and I got into the same sort of trouble by forgetting. Bottomed out blood sugar is not pretty.
2. Funny smells in flats are not a joke. Seems that there is a leak somewhere and TJB is well out of the place.
3. Liquor store boxes rule as cheap packing cases.
4. Check open hours for bottle returns. Clue: Sunday is not an open day so one will have to unload bottles in one's own garage for delivery on Mon/Tues/Wed.
5. Going to the market on packing day is not a waste of time especially when it coughs up a buyer for a futon.
6. My 28 year old built-in vaccuum hose fits a 10 year old house.
7. TJB has an awesome friend complete with flat bed trailer (will be selling the utility trailer imminently as he offered "any time" - silly boy!) and useful sized muscles.

and, last, but not least:

8. Shop Vacs Rule.

I found this out yesterday afternoon after waving TJB au revoir and giving Trout II-the-RAV the fish eye. No rain, no wind, all the junque out, seats slid fully forward and back - and that magic machine simply kept on sucking. JOY!

Still breathing


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