Thursday, April 29, 2010

“Too Windy”

It was officially "too windy" to row today but we didn't figure that out until we were actually on the water.

The first clue should have been our 'interesting' getting away between the two docks (Coach acting as coxswain: "Hold on port, row on starboard HARD, NOW!!" which is loosely translatable as "Holy Sh*t and get moving you lot!!") The second might have been that there were no, not one, count'em: ZERO birds (mallards, geese, coots) on the water. And the third clue? Oh, that would be the black line across the lake and the fuzzy white stuff behind it and the speed with which it was bearing down upon us.

The two legs were not too bad and the new Learn to Row student was totally into it. Then it got somewhat exciting: sort of like surfing only without the standing up part. And no wet suits which was the kicker: when the waves were getting hung up in the riggers, breaking into the boat and soaking everyone but the bow and the only person with dry anything (remember the water temperature is still in single digits up here) was me (because my feet are so short that wearing my wellies in the clogs helps my drive), coach decided we were done.

The Learn to Row student figured that was part of a normal row and couldn't understand why we were going in.

Sure hope she's not going to be bored when the water is like silk.

Warmed up

and still breathing


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