Sunday, July 01, 2007


Canada Day: 140 years of working it out.

Poppa is here. I am listening to The Jr Girl tell him about being harassed in Morocco and she is using the "S" word and he is not even flinching.

The Jr Boy's "Adventures with Barbecues" were lifted to a new high y'day and new things were learned.

I am A Heller on a Shovel when faced up with 72 linear feet of cedar hedge box needing replacement. Seriously glad of the years of Pilates (thanks, Mel) because I think tomorrow is going to be a loooooooooooonnnnnngggggg day! I hope that Kim-the-neighbour-who-has-a-truck is willing to do a few runs to the bldg supply store in return for DQ tickets (she's too young for beer - I know, no one is "too young for beer" but her mom is my boss).

The arborist in Nanaimo said we can (almost) do what we want. The Tree Guy walked the project and said, "Oh boy!! This will be FUN!!" I (oh, silly me) am hoping that "fun" does not end up costing the earth and, if it does, that he takes credit cards and/or payment over time!

A new dress. Egged on by Wonder SIL.

The bathroom STILL not finished but a very good beginning on a draft for a letter to the contractor and designer with appropriate cc to BBB.

This book. Go to your Independent Bookstore and buy it. I laugh every time. If you need me to read the first three pages, call.

Still breathing.......


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