Monday, August 27, 2007


No: it's not two vests and it's not one vest split in two, it's "getting rid of things".

As In, Since July:

1.) 72 feet (do the metric yourselves) of falling down hedge box - Thank you, Poppa and Juniors

2.) seven (7) SEVEN pick-up loads (blessings on neighbour girls with pick-ups and did I make a mistake by not buying one of my own???) of leftovers of hedge box plus assorted garage and basement ex-treasures as decided by The Junior Girl whilst I was away on the Island - Thank you, Junior Girl and KimUpTheStreet

3.) two bicycles -Thank you, Wierd Woman

4.) one Blue Trout Toyota Tercel - Thank you, again, Wierd Woman

5.) Himself's family home in Nanaimo and, it is to be hoped, contact with a most difficult family member. ~~~~~ pause ~~~~~ I was going to make a link to the (in my mind) many eviction posts but I can't find them and realize that I was too aggravated to write them!! - Thank you, Everyone!!

The house process, although difficult beyond belief at times, was a post-grad course in growing up and taking responsibility. In the end, it was surprisingly easy and the family mess that had trapped Himself for most of his life was not mine and so could be dealt with a la Gordian knot. The tears shed were for the loss of The Senior Boy and all that he had loved about the bush and beach.

The Toyota was another, surprising, tear-jerker. Turns out that though I can't hear Himself's voice in my head, other sounds are evocative. Blue Trout's engine, for instance. Who'da thunk?

And now, for some Acquisitions: Lt Gen Romeo D'Allaire is coming to town. The Junior Girl says he is a MUST. Get your tickets here. Right after him is Ballet Kelowna's new season opening. They have an "interesting" fundraiser planned so: Anyone wanna go line dancing at The Corral??? Tickets for the season opening right here, line dancing the previous weekend here. (At risk of being an embarrassment to The Juniors: what's NOT to like about the advertising picture?)

So: something for the mind and something for the heart.

The balancing and breathing continues.......


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