Friday, January 05, 2007

Matt's here for "coffee"

Tonight, we have been gifted with a friend who is being deployed to Afghanistan in February. This is the same person who I first met 22 years ago when he was 2 and I was a lot younger and very pregnant with his brother's best-friend-to-be. Matt, who is now large and funny and sensitive and charming, is here for beer and conversation and, underlying everything, is

A F G H A N I S T A N.

That amazing country which, if one is smart enought (take note, GeorgeW) to read history, one would realize that "we" can't "Win". "We" can bring aid, "we" can bring a "new vision". "We" are not part of the solution and "we" need to think about that. I wish I could think of which history book to suggest to him except that, being in the military, I have to realize that, perhaps, history is not what is wanted. Except he wants to be doing the right thing.......

Grace and safe home we pray for him and all the others....

Snowing, skiing planned for tomorrow, and still breathing......


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