Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Words I've never said before today....

"I have to go and feed the horses."

FYI: Flake = a portion of a bale of hay easily tossed into the water-bucketless corner of the stall.

I can now add Horse Feeder (In Training and Only When the Real Horse Feeder Sets Everything Up) to the resume. The horses were polite (no chewing of any parts of me or my clothing) and glad to see me (probably mostly the lunch aka The Hay) and I didn't get mixed up with the electric fence. All their legs were underneath them which I understand is a good sign. I am still not ready to buy a farm but I now can tell which end is which: the one where the food goes in is the front and the other end is the other end.

This new and broadening experience was in addition to today's other new and broadening experiences of chipping ice out of the sunroom gutter and discovering the source of the water running down the inside of the windows (can we say crappy silicone sealant??), headlamp changing training (thank you, John at Lordco), picking up Moses' ashes, and, with the help of the WonderWoman at the local building supply store, finding the wire thing I was sure existed that will keep the bloddy gutter from freezing up. Bedtime reading will be the manual for the wire thing so I don't electrocute any birds who happen to land on the gutter.

My Darling Man would be some bemused to see me dealing with these adventures. I am some bemused.....

Still breathing.......


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