Tuesday, November 14, 2006


There is a family story from when my Darling Man used to work for the RCN. One of the duties of the Officer of the Watch included awakening the ship's Commander every morning. The usual routine went like this: "Good morning, sir. It's 'x' bells." Just my boy's luck to get a Commander who, in today's vernacular, didn't "do" mornings. My Darling, as OotW, called down, "Good morning, sir..." only to be met with: "IF I WANT A WEATHER REPORT, I'LL ASK FOR IT." Ever after, my boy started the day with: "Morning". I still do the same when out for a walk or run, anything in fact which might require a greeting before noon. "Morning" - it works well.

Which brings us to "Birthday". As in: what does one say to someone whose life has been turned upside down and who won't be hearing even "Morning" again any time soon? The usual "Happy B'day" could seem, at best, silly and, at worst, trite. I was a bit concerned about how the day was going to go. Warning: in honour of being a year older but not much wiser, I am trying to put "links" into this - disaster (as the son of the woman who backed into a jet engine said) may follow.....

Here is how the day went: Well, actually, it started y'day with the gift of beeeyoutiful and sweet smelling flowers from dear Joyce and The Tedamus on the doorstep-such red and spicy scent made me laugh after a hard day. This morning was up and into the downstairs shower (which has lots of hot water b/c it is close the the h/w tank) before I was even really awake followed by tea and the appearance of a delicate orchid and hysterical card (think 3 bears and Goldilocks and go from there) followed by taking Jr Boy to work and getting off a few good zingers ("are you serving those with ketchup?" "are you heating them up in the microwave?" not being questions one should ask any apprentice about to receive his chef's papers but getting away with them b/c "it's my b'day and I can say what I want to!". I am still waiting to hear how the event went but he was looking forward to drinking beer with some high-powered types this evening.) Please note that all this has happened before 0900h!! Then to the theatre to watch my new favourite group in the world not once but twice before lunch with dear friend Kate (and her wonder bag which seems to include flowers, bubbly, chocolate, biscuits & a super supply of coffee and monster cookies! She is also "AHellerForGettingMeSortedWRTANewCar" and now we know that some Subarus are off the short list - Stay Tuned for that instalment). School performances are also my new favourite thing for Mums on Budgets and Mozart and Shakespeare should be smiling.

(Small Weirdness: when The Theatre Tech one has only met twice wishes one "happy..." Both enfants deny any involvement... hmmmmmm)

Came home to find loving messages on telephone and in the realmail and a laughing convers with Herself in Cambridge as she walked along streets I know to a place I think I know but will have to check out when I go to visit. This was followed by a short work day (good for the b'day, not so for the budget but WTH) and then home to MORE fleurage arriving from Herself. Dinner has been the yumminess of roasted veg, chicken and couscous and hooch from the basement which really improves if it sits for a few months!

All in all, I am glad of last year's silent birfday at the cousin's in East Sussex - the day of CD finding(Karl Jenkins' "Requiem") and a glorious walk into the spectacular sunset and a turn to find the full moon rising over my shoulder and, at the end, The Sr Boy home "safe" in England. It was a warm-up for this year.... we are all, in some new way, "home safe".

Staying calm, being brave, waiting for the signs.....




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