Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I walked out for my usual this morning - two laps around our circle road. I continue to miss The Senior Boy in a way that feels like my flesh is peeling away from my bones but he always said, "If you can do something about 'it' do it; if not, pray." I can't "do" anything about his absence and my prayers are - well - absent of words.

Lap one was slow and weepy, lap two: brisk and get-on-with-it underpinned with a sotto voce Alleluia chorus from Mozart's "Exsultate, Jubilate"(thanks to Ballet Kelowna's brilliant performance on Sunday). I was, by my rules, "finished" for today but my feet marched me right past the end of the driveway and onto lap three. Sunshine under the clouds floated the city in Tuscan light. I slowed to look and remember.

And there he was: the biggest 4-point buck I have ever seen. Ten metres into the neighbour's yard, head up and watching me. We stood for a long time, looking at one another. He outwaited me and I walked on up the hill.

Smiling in the rain.


Thank You


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