Thursday, November 10, 2005

Instalment 2 on the Turkish Snow Saga

Which is a bit worrying b/c I think I may have not posted #1!!! If not, stay tuned because I cannot figure out how to check whilst in the midst of entering the new stuff!!

On Sunday morning, itwas cold and rainýng ýn Konya. We packed up with hope of clear roads. It was very cold and rainýng as we climbed up the mountain highway towards the Mediterranean coast. About 40 minutes out, the landscape was winter-white wýth the snow piled 4 ft. high at the edge of the road. But, we crossed tyhe summit on clear, wet asphalt. The road was much like the Hope-Princeton Hwy for landscape but the highway is wider and the curves broader. Mostly fog on the way up with some rain. The long descent to the Coast was wonderful. We could see the sky clearýng as we dropped altitude. We came around one corner and got a fantastic vista of the Medýterranean wýth sunshine sparkling. We passed through Antalya, a býg city on the coast, and camped for the night off the road under some býg bushy pine trees. Campýng in November in mild temperatures only a couple of hours away from full-blown wýnter!

Yesterday, Monday, was a fantastic day for riding along the Turkish South coast. Beautýful sunshine, blue sky and sea and rugged mountaýns right down to the sea. It was a combinatýon of hours and hours of the road along Howe Sound wýth the colours and foliage of Northern Californýa. Fantastýc!! Good twisty roads, almost no traffic, and lots of distance between conjestion in the towns. We had a rather expensive lesson about Turkish speed limits wýth TP putting usp so much resistance that the police commander was almost ready to call the soldiers. We now are riding much more conservatively!

i Camped again last night, Monday, off the main road up in the hills. Býg canopy of pine trees and a beautiful view of the farms in the valley and the snow capped mountains to the West. It was a cold night and about 0 C. when we were packýng up. Sun was bright and not a cloud in the sky!
The young shepherd who owned the land came up the hill on his moped and brought hot tea for us. Another example of the generous hospitality offered to us by absolute strangers.

Today as been another fantastic ridýng day wýth beautiful scenery, nice twisty roads, light traffic and reasonable temperatures for November. We stopped at Ephesus, and walked the paths that St. Paul must have walked. Sat in the amphýtheater where he may have delivered his speach. The Greeks built ýt ýn tyhe 3rd century B.C. Sat ýn the parkýng lot and peeled off my 6 layers of riding gear. Ate a delicious local orange while baskýng in the sun without a shirt on! A good day indeed!!

After two days of camping, we're enjoying a hotel with nice hot water ýn a small resort town. North of the very býg city of Izmur. Tomorrow, all going well, we plan to visit Troy, cross by ferry to the Gallipoli battle ground of WWI ýn European Turkey.

Thursday should see us crossýng the border to Greece. We anticipate our usual border horror show.Aiming to get to the ferry in Greece that goes to either Brindizi or Venice on Saturday or Sunday.


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To the senior girl who will be soon celebrating her birfday! A happy one to you and you will have your rose on your return. Enjoying senior boy's ride. love jt

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