Friday, November 18, 2005

Leominster (pronounced Lemster)

Quickly: The Sr Boy et Moi have met up and are "on the road" in the west of England in a lovely car which is scary wide on the scary narrow roads and on the opposite (for those 3 of you in the world who didn't know that). We have been to the edge of Cornwall and are heading to the VOC Spares Co. near Manchester today and then pointing back slowly towards "Town". Himself has some m/c work to attend to on Monday and Tuesday and I have a date with one of C's friends in London on Monday and hopes of a play on Tuesday evening if there are tickets.

Thanks to all of you who offered various friends and family members as resources should I be "all alone" - seems I'm not after all and I will take a rain check on your friends and relations for the next time!!

The rest of the journey will be posted when I am not in the midst of the library with a gentleman who is waiting for a walk!!!


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