Thursday, November 10, 2005

Instalment 1 on the Turkish Snow Saga

A short update from the computer ýn our small hotel ýn Konya. Left Nevsehýr this a.m. ýn the cold but ýt wasn't rainýng. A být dýsmal along the freeway to the South West. Flat prairie wýth not much to brighten up the landscape. Started to rain heavily and got very cold. About 2 hours out, there was heavy wet snow up to the edges of the road and some slush on the pavement. Got to Konya and ýt was covered wýth heavy wet snow. Many broken trees and we crossed one set of downed power lýnes. We had to resort to a McDonald's for food as most other cafes were closed as ýt's still post-Ramadan holiday. It was very good to get ýnside, ... anywhere inside!

After warm up and map checking we headed out. Soon were in a snow storm wýth no escape. Thýngs were not lookýng very good. Could hardly see and snow was accumulating on the road. Wýth traffic behind us, there was nowhere to turn around. I was number three in the lýne. Hýt a snowdrýft at at about 40 mph and the býke slipped sýdeways and went down on the rýght sýde. HJ went down behind me. No injurýes but some býke damage. Snow changed to high wind blizzard. Rýghted the býkes with great dýfficulty and managed to push them down the hill and out of the wind. Right spar plug on the Guzzi and the lead wire were broken. Effected temporary roadsýde repaýr wýth the snow flying and managed to retreat to Konya, about 20 miles back. My right pannýer ýs smashed but held together. Rýght foot is goýng to be very sore tomorrow. My nýce new waterproof overboot ýs mangled. Will try a duct tape repair tonight.

Out for some food in a few minutes and hope the weather improves for tomorrow!


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