Friday, September 30, 2005

The Tour....

First things first - I am writing this with my Gr 9 touch typing in an I/N cafe which has a French keyboard. The A, Q, M, W, Z and . qre qll in different plqces. I q, not typing in code; I q, typing in French!!!! And I only have about 5 min left.

There are 24 people on the tour: E and I the only Canadians in a swath of South of the Border types. We hqve seen a &éàtload of stuff and I finally broke down and bought a camera which appears to have only taken 8 of 27 pics and now tells me it is Empty. Next one will be a Kodak b/c I know how to get at those guys!!

Nice was nice; Grasse smelled good (and warmed up the credit card); the Gorges du Verdon was/were spectacular and Aiguine a village for another trip - small, clinging to the hillside with access to some spectacular roads; hiking, and hang-gliding.

I have 5 min to tell you Thanks for reading. Will try to get back here.

Au revoir


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