Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dear Weather:

It seems you missed the memo: the one that pointed out that Spring has Officially Started and that grooming of cross-country ski trails has ceased. You also seem to have missed that I took my skis out of the car and said, "I think I have finished skiing for the season."

These are the only explanations (other than an intense cold front from Alaska - Sarah Palin's revenge??) I have for the 4" of snow on my deck and driveway.

Four inches of snow on the 2nd of April!!

All right: maybe 3" but it's still coming down.

May I remind you, Weather, that this is neither Calgary nor Ft St John? I am supposed to be planting out the pansies I bought yesterday. I am supposed to be raking the dead stuff including several not-my-dog poops from the grass and filling the Garden Refuse Bin for Monday. I am not supposed to be thinking "maybe one more trip up the mountain."

Or am I?

It's still snowing.

The Sr Boy would be up there.

It is to laugh.





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