Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick - a Reflection

New Year doesn't always start on the 1st of the calendar. Sometimes it does, but more and more New Year starts whenever I say it does and for the past three years, it has started after the obligatory post-Christmas Sick. Not simply malaise, Sick as in: can't get out of bed, can't read, can't knit, can't think beyond the next turn of the pillow and oblivion of sleep.

When The Sr Boy was here, I seldom succumbed to The Sick being a strong believer in the utter foolishness of sickness without my mum (chicken soup and her jewelry box were dynamite to almost any bugs that showed up and there were a lot in the pre-vaccination days of my childhood). Being sick as an adult had fewer advantages but there was Somebody There. Being sick as an adult on my own? Yuck in several different directions. There is no one to whine to, no one to check up on me, no one to make hot apple juice, no one to push me out into the shower so he can remake the bed with clean sheets and no wrinkles.

I know that there are several billion people who have been left alone and have survived this new stage in their lives. I understand that in my brain and I get it. Unfortunately, my heart and body are still finding this incroyable and so, after the intensity that is The Family at Christmas, they have gone on sick leave.

I think next year, I'll book something else - maybe a few more days elsewhere between the end of the gathering and the beginning of the New Year. Sun? Skiing? Not too sure just now but I'm not doing Sick like that again.

Still breathing.


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