Friday, December 05, 2008

Road Trip - The End

Yes, I know, I'm still not finished with The Road Trip. We got back. Obviously. Great lunch in Salmo, BC at a cafe in the old bakery (thanks to my cousin who remembers it as the best doughnut place in town) and then a herd of mountain sheep tucked under the trees. We backed up to see them and all the other people who roared past missed. Then the swing up and over between Rock Creek and Osoyoos - so much like Tuscany except for the replacement of fast European cars with American SUVs and oversized lorries. Home before the highway fell down. A day or two of serious work and dinner with The Cousin and His Wife and a very dear friend. Poppa got to fly home, I drove down to The Island 3 days later picking up his brother and heading to Canadian Turkeyland which got changed to a lovely roast beef without any power. Good thing the pumpkin pie was made and we found the candles.

The End of Road Trip 2008. Stay tuned for Road Trip 2009 which may be to PEI in Sept.

BUT - there are new and broadening experiences beyond those vehicular. Experiences such as: electricity and the organizing thereof.

Still breathing and my hair is still straight. Both very good things.


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