Thursday, November 03, 2005

Very quickly....

I am in Paris. I have been in Paris since 0645 this morning after the night train (a new and broadening adventure) from Zurich. I have not yet seen my hotel room but I understand I may do so any time now so I'm agonna. Suffice to say that the singing in Sacre Coeur Basilica this morning at 0800 was sublime and that, even though I got myself into the section which is for those wishing to make confession, I'm saving it for a Sunday at St. G.

The Sr Boy is in Turkey with a cold. Send healing vibes. Meeting him in Coventry for dinner in 2 weeks.

The Jr Boy did not get sacked and the assbeagle who tried rocking the boat is now slightly seasick, I figure.

The Jr Girl is holding everything together including the 35# of candies leftover from the chickenshit children who didn't go to our house (after 20 years of loyalty.....) but to the Evil Subdivision (her term) down the hill.

More when it's not waaaaaay past my nap and hanging clothes up time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joan, your travels sound wonderful! Say Bonjour to Paris pour moi and keep the adventures coming!

Bon soir,

6:04 p.m.  

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