Monday, October 31, 2005

And from the other traveller...

Switzerland where there is no exclamation point on the keyboard as far as I can figure and the z and y are in opposite positions so you becomes zou on a regular basis.

Trains are wonderful inventions especially when they have reservations and get one from Venezia to Zurich in one shot even with a hangover. (Thanks be I didn't have to find my way around Milano Centrale in my somewhat fragile state.) I am booked onwards to Paris on the overnight one on Wednesday so another adventure to report then.

Venezia lived up to her reputation as a tease by providing a lovely sunny day for my departure. I only hope the photos I tried to snap down the Grand Canal will turn out. The architectural variety is (all together now....) amazing. I think Himself will be surprised to see the Byzantine framing but the various tour guides made it quite clear that Venezia's first connection was east rather than south to Rome. Lots to think about.

Yesterday, in Zurich at the end of October, we went hiking in t-shirt and light cotton trousers (which are going into the box for home being sent to make room for Paris **** - those are my new exclamation marks*) and today (Hallowe'en and I hope The Junior Girl has the pumpkin carved and the goodies bought....) we are going to visit my cousin's son (?1st cuz once removed?) at his newly opened restaurant. And then a walk to deal with whatever we have eaten there** My cousin Elli has taken a couple of days off which is very generous and very helpful but we seem to be walking from apfelstrudel mit schlage rem to vermicelli castagne mit schlage rem and finishing the days with some lovely rose wines. This travelling is really rough, eh??

Love to you all. Especially The Juniors who have made me laugh and laugh.

Auf Wiedersehn


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