Friday, October 28, 2005

Listen to Your Kids..

and they will tell you stuff you should-ought to pay attention to. Things such as: Only Pack Black, Mum. I have already called The Jr Girl and apologized but figured I'd best 'fess up to the rest of you and add that I have had to buy some black and will be mailing the non-black to somewhere (England? home? Timbuktu?) so I have room for more black should it jump out at me in the next 3 weeks. The season I kept hoping wouldn't change obviously has because everysinglefemale is wearing black tights and black something else. I have bought 3 pairs of tights and one pair is (?are?) wool!!

They also tell you: carpe diem and if you are in a different country, you eat different food (actually, I think we told them that a few years ago but it seems to have come back ...) Thank you, my darlings, there is nothing like the pasta and risotto I have eaten here in the past days. Where else would I get lasagna made with arugula, radicchio, ricotta, and local mushrooms on Monday and be told it was off the menu b-c it was out of season on Thursday(guess they were clearing the frig - no walk-ins here) but I could have lasagna with pumpkin if I wanted. And be offered a whole dorado for our table for the secondo piatti.

The practicalities of living here continue to boggle me. How about the guy mixing cement by hand (yes, with a shovel and at least he didn't have to go far for the water!!) b-c there was no way to get even a little mixer into the space where he and his partner were re-setting some steps. There are pushcarts used but, b-c of the steps up and down on the bridges, they have little wheels on the front for rolling up and down. Everyone who lives here seems to be very patient with the length of time it may take to get from one place to another. The turisti are another issue. We stand in their way and gawp at their very ordinary lives marvelling aloud at how "they don't even have cappucinos to go". Strange beasts we are demanding the familiarity of home in this foreign, floating place.

Those of you wondering about TSB: he was in Amman last email and heading for the Syrian border hoping to get a visa there. (Thank you Royal Mail for your incredibly lousy service!) By now, he is either there or not there! Stay tuned.

Tomorrow, I get on the train for an 8 hour ride to Zurich and a few days with my cousin Elli who, among other fine gifts has a washing machine and I will be there on her washing day. Hope the jeans don't dissolve in shock! It will be interesting to see what will fit into the suitcase and what will have to be worn!!

And does anyone know if the French Vincent crew meet on the first Fri or the first Mon?? Hey, I'm there for both days and feeling a bit cheeky about my language capabilities!!

And that's it for now. Arrivederci.


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