Sunday, October 09, 2005

Russian Orthodoxy

is not for sissies. E and I went to church this morning: A lot of church: 2.5 HOURS of church. In Russian mostly and some French. We had, as far as we can figure, morning prayer, confession for several people, a wonderful chanted liturgy, a homily in Russian AND French, a seventh inning stretch, a lot of people wandering in and out and lighting candles and genuflecting and kissing icons while the rest of the service was going on, communion - with a spoon which kind of makes our common cup issues during cold season a bit silly, and then a baptism followed with a closing blessing with what looked like another opportunity for bread, and then announcements. All, except for the homily, STANDING!!!!!!! Average age of the standees: 74.6 yrs.

Note to file: St. G. Choir members: there will be NO MORE WHINING!!!!!

Tomorrow E leaves and TNA and I head for Cinque Terre using my totally forgotten Italian.

Au revoir e a bientot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well travellers, thought yu would like to know our grandson just left Cinque Terre and had quite the experience,they arrived late with all the cheap hotels taken so were walking the streets when two American girls are being hassled by several Italian boys, the girls spot the Canadian flags on the backpacks and fly to them, our guys do dome staring down and the Italians finally leave, the girls offer the floor of their hotel room to the guys and so the story ends, happily we imagine. So watch your bums. J and Tr

4:38 p.m.  

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