Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Good Day...

Ok people, prepare for the next greatest adventure: Moi writing this on a French keybd which has been changed to Irish English AND without my glasses in an I/N shop where I am decidedly in the minority being (a) female, (b) over 50, (c) North American and (d) a touch (sort of) typist!! Stay tuned....

Today was a very good day: from back to front: The Next Great Adventuress arrived safe and sound, has been fed, and sent off to bed in TheHostelfromHell with instructions to show up by 0915 tomorrow if she wants coffee before going to church at the Russian Orthodox Cathdral of Nice. Description to follow. She will be moving in with E et moi for tomorrow night as it will be easier than trying to haul our various selves to meeting places on Monday morning. This way, we can evict E (just kidding) and sort ourselves out before being evicted ourselves.

The before part was getting to the market in old Nice before 1000h which means while it still looks like a market and not like a stop for various cruise ship tours. (Children: If you EVER see me following behind someone with a number on a longish popsicle stick, you may send me immediately to The Home, DNPGm DNC $200) We came home with the following essentials: 1 baguette, 1 avocado perfectly ripe and it wasn't the only one in the pile, 1 goat cheese that was y'day still in the goat, 1 feuillite de chocolat (don't ask, should be on the list of 7 Deadly Sins), 5 beautiful post cards - mostly for Poppa and Nana, 1 bar of mimosa soap, 1 Kodak camera wit 6 pictures already on it, 2 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of balsamic vinegar, an understanding of "Petit Bateau", AND (Car fiends pay attention.......)

3 tow trucks, 2 police officers, and about half a dozen car owners who are going to wish they had paid attention to the signs!!

Here's the thing: WHEN they take their NO PARKING signs seriously here, they take them VERY seriously. Especially on Saturday morning near the market when the worker types who only can get to the renovation site ON Saturday show up to actually work! With LIVRAISON signs to go in their windows and with angry young men who have to work Saturdays when tey would rather be doing other things. Don't make rude gestures at AYM because they will have cell phones and call the Police (who just happen to have their police station 30 seconds around th corner - can we say "you silly twits who thought you could get away with being rude to AYM??") who will show up in jug time b/c it's Saturday MORNING and there is no real crime happening in Nice anyway and who then issue tickets left and right and THEN call the tow trucks. Which are the cutest things you can imagine: take our tow trucks and squish them into about 1/3 their size then give them magic dollies (well, I'd never seen them....) that they can slip under the wheels to slide the vehicle sideways out of a parking space that no Canadian outside of Quebec would even have considered and a couple of tow truck guys in safety gear, a sunny morning and it not being MY car, and it was GREAT!! They had about 3 cars moved before one of the owners came back and then it got interesting!!! Eliz had to threaten to go a drink coffee without me and I didn't actually see the end but the street was almos emply except for the AYM and their trucks. Cost to deal with this little refusal to pay attention to signage: 350 Euros just to get the stamps on the ticket from the police to say "Fine Paid" + costs to towing company. A titch dear for a lovely Saturday morning in the market, eh????


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