Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hostelling (dedicated to The Jr Boy)

or, sometimes I think I should have done this 30 years ago.....

Remember to bring a lock. If you forget a lock, you might just have to either carry your pack around all day (paranoid) or leave it in the storage locker (hopeful). I remembered my lock but came home to find I had forgotten to close it. 10 points for remembering the lock, -9 for the other side.

Remember to sort out everything for the morning the night before especially if leaving before roomies are awake. Thanks to the roomie of 2 nights ago for re-inforcing this at 0545h. 1 point for the lesson, 5 points for remembering it myself last night.

It is possible to sleep with only one blanket in an unheated dorm in Verona at the end of Oct. Not preferable. If there is a spare blanket in the room, 1st come, 1st snaffled. 7 points.

Chat with the staff unless they are frantic busy with various beagles who arrive and want service RIGHT now. Use time when they are busy to look up words you need in the dictionary. 3 points.

Other travellers may have useful information. Do not discount them simply b-c they are (a) old or (b) young. 6 points for keeping mouth shut when advice could have been given. 6 points for asking for advice from fellow journeyers of all ages and stages.

Showers do not need to be 25 minutes long. That is greedy and leaves the rest of us with NO HOT WATER. Me? I'm operating on the PTA system b-c I know I can shower tomorrow in Venice. And I forgot my flip-flops. 3 points for the learning, -5 for the lack of f-f which will be needed in the next hostel.

If you don't like a hostel with rules, don't stay there. Go somewhere else. Do not whine, do not make loud noises after curfew, do not yell at the desk staff when they refuse to re-book you for another night. For liking hostels with rules that are enforced, 16 points.

Food is good. So is laundry. Leaving both all over the dorm is not. 5 points for figuring out how to hang up my laundry over my locker door b-c there is nowhere to attach the ends of E's laundry line.

Sleeping in one's clothes is sometimes a necessity. 3 points.

Talking in the morning is polite. Long conversations may be unnecessary. Grunting gets the point across. 2 points.

Grand total so far: 53 (I think - the on-strike Math teacher can check in his spare time)

And the season is definitely changing: the balcony gerania are being replaced with the white, pink, violet, fuschia, red of cyclamens. 2.50 Euro for a large pot in the market in Siena. Flowers so much more prevalent here and are acquired as a matter of necessity during the marketing sometimes already arranged and sometimes simply a bunch or a plant. I hope to find one tomorrow for the hotel room in Venice.

Julie's scarf has had several adventures including a visit to Fatto a Mano yesterday. All silk clothes and accessories and me with my valise already too full not to mention the Visa card issues.... The scarf was delighted to see such beauty and to be treated with such graciousness by the unbusy, non parlo inglese, shopkeeper. Looking forward to the glassworks!!

There is another Roman theatre here and an arena so it's back to the ancients for the day. +13 and high overcast - perfetto!!

Arrivederci e mille bacci.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joan,
Thanks for the card, quick postal service. Now you are REALLY travelling, ain't it great.Gorgeous here 2 +15c & sunny of late.
Ciao Baby,
T & J

5:14 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Joan,
Enjoying your travels, from paniers flying to hostel living. Sienna in my minds eye was warm, sunny, fascinating square, and churches. Great paper making. Do hope Firenze and treats you better and the cats don't howl at night in Venice. Perhaps you will write a book.
Twenty four in the choir today.N.W.

8:53 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

Great adventures. Following all avidly.
Did send email to your hotmail, but not sure if you get those?
All well. KB

9:46 a.m.  

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