Friday, October 14, 2005

Trying something new....

I am hoping to cut and paste some of Himself's adventures rather than paraphrasing and re-typing so let's see if it works...... Una, due, tre.... YES!!! OK, the first one is below and I will rummage around and find the next one. I am going to change it to itlaics so you will have a hint that it is a different voice.

We crossed into Egypt, yesterday, taking 3 1/2 hours at the border, with a dust storm and some rain. We had the assistance for expedited service, for a fee of course, from a young man who must be on patrol for foreigners. We gladly paid at the end of the ordeal, as we'd never have made it before the officials shut down early for Ramadan. We camped out in the desert as dusk approached. Huge thunder storm on the horizon with great flashes of lightning. We escaped most of the fury, but retreated to our tents when it started to shower. Woke, after a off & on sleep, to a clear sky and a cool breeze. We're at a nice, inexpensive hotel across the street from the sea. Had a swim this afternoon as soon as we got settled. Water is a perfect turquoise green, crystal clear and warm. The restaurants will soon open up, after sunset,and the Ramadan fast for the day is over.


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