Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The Senior Boy made it!!! Yahoo!!!

We've reached the goal, ... the pyramids are in view from the upsacle hotel that we are treating ourselves to after weaving our way through the kamakazi traffic around Cairo. Roy navigated the path our of Alexandria to the freeway to Cairo and we stuck to his tail through the heavy traffic. The painted lines on the road are only for decoration. Possession of roadspace means everything and anything an inch away from you is free space for anyone else. Once out of Alexandria, the road went through some small towns and farmland much like the Fraser Valley. In one village, the market was set up right in the through road which was crowded with people, produce, trucks, donkey carts and two-way traffic trying to wiggle through the maze, horns blaring. Very large speed bumps and crater potholes added flash panic moments. We finally made it to the freeway where traffic was much more sane. Several police roadblocks, like Lebanon. Land is flat but fertile with crops of corn, hay and vegetables. Freeway is two to four lanes each way with generally good pavement In some sections, there are huge steel billboards every 100 ft. of so, for miles! We skirted the edge of Cairo to get to Giza, and Roys's GPS worked its majic once again. The traffic became very dense and the driving very aggressive, ... much worse than Florence and about on par with Tripoli. Absolutely hair-raising. Certainly not for the timid! Being passed from behind with only inches to spare and then cut off in front on corners with lots of oncoming traffic does take its toll on the nerves. As we were fixed on the fenders in front of us, the pyramids flashed by above the trees and buildings. WOW! After some curbside navigating, we found the destination hotel and convinced them that we were, in fact, interested potential customers. We muast have looked like a group of low-life thugs next to the clean coach-class tourists just arriving from the airport. But, we're earned our view of the pyramids the hard way. Tomorrow we walk to the great piles of stone blocks, ... and search for more moderately priced accommodation. Can only do this once! Had the Ramadan buffet dinner, at a modest $20.00 Can, in breezeway restaurant, looking at the pyramids. How often is that going to happen?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess crossing the Bridge will seem tame after this eh Gerr. Keep on cruisin', love the stories. Gorgeous day here today, 15c & sunny, but don't rush back!!!!!
Thinkin' 'bout u2 with envy!
T & J

8:01 p.m.  

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